10 things to know about getting a Dental Implant

A clear mold of an upper jaw helps display the appearance of metal dental implants in the jaw, above and below the gum-line.

Are you considering getting a tooth implant?

People suffering with missing teeth are now considering a tooth implant as a viable option instead of temporary fixtures such as bridges and dentures. Here are 10 things you should know about getting a dental implant.

  1. Tooth implants create a foundation for permanent tooth replacements. They are artificial tooth roots, not the tooth themselves.
  2. Dental implants are designed to be permanent by fusing with the bone structure of your jaw.
  3. Missing teeth can hurt self-esteem, but tooth implants bring back your smile.
  4. Your own natural teeth can remain intact with dental implants, unlike in bridges that require surrounding teeth to be altered.
  5. Because they are permanent, they look and feel like your own teeth. They don’t flop, like ill-fitting dentures, nor do they allow painful food particles to slip behind them.
  6. With proper dental care, implants can be life-long.
  7. Dental implants have up to a 98% success rate.
  8. Anyone healthy enough for dental surgery can get a tooth implant.
  9. It takes 3-6 months for the implant to heal and allow the tooth replacement to be done.
  10. A tooth implant is very strong and durable. It is just like a new tooth where an old tooth used to be.

What is the process involved in getting a tooth implant?

First, we ask that you come into our Colorado Springs office for an exam. This allows us to create an individual treatment plan for you. Our staff has significant dental implant experience, and we want to know what your goals are so we can come up with the best plan of action and discuss questions you may have. Restorative dentistry is one of our specialties.

Second, we will take intraoral images to help us get a clear model for how your existing teeth fit together, using our CEREC machine. We will then review with you the next steps in the process which may include removing the entirety of the old tooth to make room for the implant.

Third, we place the dental implant, which is a small titanium post, in a way for it to heal with the jawbone for a permanent fusion. This process can take several months and we will discuss with you what your unique timeline may be.

Fourth, our restorative dentists will then attach the permanent crown to an abutment, a piece that connects the dental implant post to the crown. This holds the new tooth in place securely. Because of this security, as well as the matching of the crown to your other teeth, the replacement will feel, look and function just like natural teeth.

Peter McIntyre DDS specializes in dental implants in Colorado Springs as is ready to serve you and your family’s dental health needs. We invite you to learn more about us by giving us a call today!

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  1. I’ve been looking to get dental implants. It’s good to know these things as I didn’t know some of them. Knowing that they can be life-long is pretty amazing.

    1. Callum, Please do let us know how Dr McIntyre can help you! Having security when eating and speaking is so reassuring. Please call and ask for Susana our new patient/treatment coordinator. We’d love to see you in our dental family! Blessings, Kara

  2. The fact that implants look and behave as natural teeth is amazing! I consider getting an implant because of it. No one will know that it’s not natrural. I like it especially that it’s comfortable and won’t fall out! Thank you for such important info!

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