Dental Hygiene Tips – 5 Simple Daily Tasks

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Let’s focus on dental hygiene and preventive dental care.

Do you know the importance of good dental hygiene? How will you keep yourself and your teeth healthy? Have you heard the term preventative care? This month we’ve highlighted our hospital approach and our hospital coordinator.  For this post we want to take a step back to focus on the basic preventative maintenance that keeps you from needing major dental repair.

Good dental hygiene is a skill that needs to be practiced on a daily basis.

Here is a simple checklist of 5 simple daily practices to avoid major dental repair:

1) Eat a diet that includes sufficient Calcium and Vitamin D.

2) Brush teeth twice daily or after meals, at least long enough to sing the ABC song twice.

3) Floss the sides of each tooth.

4) Drink water in place of sweetened drinks.

5) Use a fluoride mouth rinse.

To keep yourself, your teeth, and your gums healthy, incorporate these five simple daily practices into your daily routine. Start your morning and end your evening by practicing good dental hygiene and you hopefully avoid major dental repairs. We suggest posting this list where it can be easily viewed. For instance, somewhere in your bathroom where you can see it from your sink.

Good dental hygiene is a great start in preventative care. Preventative care can also include understanding your teeth. For instance, do you grind your teeth at night? If so, please speak to your dental professional about getting fitted for a night guard to prevent further damage to your teeth during the night and high stress times when your grind more often. This is just one example of preventative care. What do you and your teeth need on a daily basis to stay healthy?

Eating a healthy diet along with incorporating daily supplements assists in maintaining healthier teeth. Eat foods that are high in Vitamin D which include tuna, mackerel, salmon, orange juice, beef liver, and cheese. Also incorporate foods that are high in calcium which include milk, yogurt, cheese, collards, kale and broccoli. And remember, flossing thoroughly, brushing regularly, substituting water for sugary drinks, and rinsing with mouthwash will play a large part in maintaining healthier gums and teeth. During the month of April, as we focus on the more complicated aspects of dentistry in a hospital setting, let’s all make a commitment to ourselves to practice consistent dental hygiene and to stay healthier. We love our work, and being able to provide dental care in a hospital setting for those who need it. But, we also love daily preventative maintenance that can help keep a patient from needing major repair at all.

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  1. My husband was the one who pointed out to me that I have yellow teeth nowadays, and he suspects that this might have happened due to the fact that I’ve been drinking a lot of strong tea. It’s true that good dental hygiene is a great start in preventative care, and that’s why I want to have white teeth again. I think I should go to a dentist to ask them what will make my teeth whiter so I can maintain it once I start a dedicated routine for it.

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