Colorado Springs Special Needs Community Champions

A young man with special needs gives the camera a thumbs up while he enjoys a picnic lunch at the park

We serve the special needs community like no other practice in the Colorado Springs area.

Our practice has a heart for the special needs community and decades of experience working with these patients. If your loved one has special needs, he or she may not be able to tolerate traditional dental care. However, good dental care is still vitally important to each patient’s overall health. We work with every unique patient and her situation to recommend the best course of care.

There are treatment options beyond traditional dental.

In Office

When a patient cannot sit for traditional dental procedures, such as fillings, we have alternate strategies. We can halt decay with a treatment like silver fluoride, discussed in our last blog entry.


Sometimes, the best approach is sedation for dental care. Special needs patients are often medically compromised and should never be seen under sedation without a trained anesthesiologist and appropriate equipment available. Our utmost concern for patients is their health and safety. That’s why we work with 2 local hospitals in the CO area, multiple days each week, to see as many in this situation as we can. Our practice is one of only 4 in the state that offers this type of care.

We understand your funding options.

We have worked with the special needs community in the front range area for three decades. We work with all the large organizations that offer funding to these patients, and we know the ins and outs of helping families get the right coverage for treatment. We accept Medicaid for our special needs patients, and we know the right process to ensure coverage.

We have a heart for our special needs patients. They are an underserved population, even though good dental care can mean a significant difference in quality of life. Call our office today at 719-475-2511 for a free consult and let us help your loved one get the treatment he or she deserves.

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