Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging using the Latest Technology

High quality dental imaging supports high quality dental care. As a practice, we emphasize modern technology to provide a high level of dental service. Quality imaging makes a difference to both diagnostics and treatment, and we stay current on the latest techniques to provide you with the best care.

Check out this video, which covers a specific part of our imaging system, the GALILEOS ComfortPLUS. We use this machine to do 360 degree scans on patients to provide visibility in their dental health picture. Not only does this give us a comprehensive picture of your mouth, but your nasal cavities and sinuses as well.

How we use our imaging technology to diagnose.

Our high-tech approach helps us get advanced diagnostics on your dental and oral health. We capture a 3-dimensional image, where we can see pathology in your mouth, jaw, teeth, and sinuses. We move through the planes of the image to precisely locate restoration areas.

Why quality imagery matters in your treatment.

Once we have the exact information, we get to work. We use imaging technology to place our restorative dental crowns, bridges, implants and fillings with a high degree of precision. Our scanning device passes information directly to other practice technology to directly communicate the shape and planes of your teeth, gums, and bone structure.

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Entrust Us With Your Dental Health

We are constantly working to stay at the forefront of dental technology. Trust us with your dental care and give us a call today.