Dentures versus Dental Implants: What you need to know

A dentist's gloved hand holds up a partial set of upper dentures to help display the smooth metal connection across the top.

Missing teeth can have a negative effect on our self-esteem, our smile, and even our health, which is why some people look to dentures as a viable option for replacement. In today’s dentistry, however, there are more options for tooth replacement than simply dentures, and those options may be a better fit. We want to review some of the pros and cons of your options to help you make an informed decision. Of course, if you want a consultation to speak directly with a dentist to evaluate your specific needs, don’t hesitate to call McIntyre DDS, your home for dentures Colorado Springs.

First, it is important to know that we see people with poor dental health, all the time. AND, we want to see more of them. There is no reason to be embarrassed. There are numerous reasons why someone hasn’t maintained their dental care, and we are here to help you no matter where you are with your dental health.

Dentures Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs residents have several options in regards to tooth replacement. Dentures are one option and give the wearer the restored pleasure of a complete smile, and chewing more completely and easily than without a full set of teeth, or than damaged teeth.

Dentures tend to be a more economical option for tooth replacement, especially when it is clear all teeth need to be removed or are already missing.

We usually see dentures as a last resort, but they are good for people who:

  • Don’t or haven’t seen the dentist regularly, resulting in poor dental health
  • Have significant gum disease
  • Have teeth that are loose, moving or are misaligned
  • Have significant tooth decay
  • Find chewing and/or biting difficult
  • Are self-conscious about smiling due to the condition of their teeth/gums

The main reason we consider dentures as a last option is because they don’t work as effectively as natural teeth or dental implants. Dentures will become loose over time, causing problems with talking and eating. Once loose food particles can get into the dentures and create irritation for the user.

Traditional dentures are not a permanent solution

Many people believe dentures are a one and done process, but this is not true. In fact, dentures will typically need to be replaced due to your bone and gum loss. Just as walking or any weight bearing exercise helps prevent osteoporosis, chewing helps prevent bone loss in the jaw.

“…atrophy of the jaw bone is the most serious problem related to dentures” Source: Family Health Online

Once all teeth are removed, the jaw no longer has this “weight bearing” exercise and the bone loss begins. This is why many people with dentures end up with an exaggerated chin and sunken lips. Over time, your facial structure loses its form. This is not true for dental implants which hold the bone structure because the new teeth become part of the jaw similarly to natural teeth.

Some denture options, however create an option where traditional dentures are incorporated into dental implants or bond to natural teeth. These options create a more successful “hybrid” than traditional dentures.

Dental Implants

Dental implants look and function like real teeth and allow you to continue regular eating, and are designed to last a lifetime. This can cause them to be more expensive up front, but over time, help your face to hold its form, your jaw to keep its bone density, and your smile perfect.

Because dental implants are a permanent solution, the process for them is more extensive. This link explains more dental implants and their process.

McIntyre DDS, a knowledgeable and caring family dentist serving the Colorado Springs area, can talk to you at more length about the benefits of dental implants to determine if dentures or dental implants are a better fit for you, your lifestyle and your budget. If you are looking for dentures Colorado Springs, we are here to help you achieve your goals and have the dental health you deserve. We look forward to speaking with you!

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