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A young woman winces in pain while clutching her jaw.

Emergency Dental: What you need to know to stop suffering today

Tooth Pain. If you have it, you want it to stop, now.

Broken tooth. If it happens, you need a solution, quick.

Most dental services tend to fall in the preventative or restorative care areas, but there are times when an emergency dental visit is required.

At McIntyre DDS we have seen patients who required emergency dental care including:

  • Lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to an auto accident
  • Sports related injuries involving broken or missing teeth
  • Severe tooth pain during chewing
  • Tooth ache with an unknown cause
  • Dental crown falling out/off
  • Tooth filing coming out
  • Abscessed tooth pain

All of these cases will warrant an emergency dental visit, and priority is given for such. We want you out of pain, fast. Tooth pain can be a result of tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. These are usually prevented with regular oral hygiene that includes annual dental visits.

Causes of Tooth Pain

Cavities and tooth decay are caused by bacteria, and regular cleanings help to reduce the breaking down of tooth enamel and allow potential problems to be caught while early and fixable. If allowed to progress, the need for emergency dental care increases dramatically.

Another common cause of tooth pain is also the emergence of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last of the adult teeth to appear and usually emerge between 17-25 years old. However, some attempt to break through much later, and can cause pain and sometimes become infected.

Other medical conditions can cause tooth pain as well, including ear and/or sinus infections. Conditions such as TMJ and teeth grinding can cause jaw pain, and are things a dentist can address as well.

When to know if you need emergency dental services

If you have been in an accident and have a chipped, broken or missing tooth, call to schedule an emergency dental appointment. The sooner the issue is addressed, the better. It can be more than simply appearance, there could be a deeper problem that needs to be resolved.

If you have had tooth pain that is getting worse or not going away after 2 days, it is worth a call to the emergency dental provider in your area.

If you feel a chip, crack or break in your tooth after biting into something, contact your dentist immediately to get scheduled. It is important that bacteria not get into the damaged area, so having it repaired quickly is important.

If you notice or feel swelling in the gums or face, please contact an emergency dental provider as soon as possible.

Tips for reducing tooth pain until you can see your emergency dental health provider

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Sometimes the rinse will help clean the gums to remove any irritants. A simple popcorn kernel shell could be stuck in the gums and be a problem. Floss your teeth and see if that eliminates the pain, if not, call for an emergency dental appointment.

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever and apply ice to the area to help reduce pain. Tooth pain antiseptics can also be used directly on the gum area for temporary relief. Avoid extreme temperature changes such as hot and cold foods.

Peter McIntyre DDS is a premier Colorado Springs emergency dental provider. We offer same day appointments to help you get out of pain fast. Give us a call today!

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