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We support good dental habits from the beginning.

What a great pleasure it was for our office staff to attend the 2014 Foxy moms expo.  We have enjoyed getting to meet each of you and share some about our practice and standards of care. Our practice is family-centered, and we have first-hand experience working with all age groups. Here are some great tips from our office to help you promote good dental care for your whole family.

Age 0-2: The Birth of Dental Care

At this age, the first signs of teeth are beginning to appear. Help start your little one off on the right track by taking a clean washcloth and wiping down those new pearlies a few times a day. This helps your child adjust to the routine cleaning her teeth, without making too much fuss. If she is cutting teeth still, you can also rub the gums a bit to relieve some of that teething pain.

Age 3-5: Forming good habits

Now that your kiddo is a bit older, help show him how to hold a brush. Use a small sand timer to help him brush his teeth the right amount of time, or sing the ABC’s through twice. Be sure to use a good kid-appropriate toothpaste while he’s still learning not to swallow the toothpaste each time. We like Crest or Colgate kids toothpaste.

Age 5-8: New Smile, New Teeth

This is an exciting time for your child as she begins to lose her baby teeth. Take the time to reinforce those good habits so that her new permanent teeth have the best possible start! Ask for a fluoride application at her next cleaning to help strengthen her new adult teeth. Fluoride helps by strengthening teeth and fighting decay.

Age 8-12: Eating Right for Pearly Whites

Dental care isn’t just about good hygiene. Diet plays a great role in dental health as well. Teeth need calcium and fluoride to stay healthy. Try adding this tooth-friendly foods to your family’s diet: Spinach (which includes both Calcium and Vitamin D). You can make it more kid friendly by adding it to green smoothies, or making fritattas, or adding it to lasagna.  If your child does want a sweet (and what child doesn’t?) try to offer it at mealtimes, rather than stand-alone, when the sugar is more likely to get to the teeth uncontested and do more damage.

Age 12-18: Keeping Clear of Tooth Decay

Sometimes it’s not about what you do eat that helps your teeth stay healthy, but what you don’t eat. Avoiding sodas and junk food can help protect the enamel for your child’s teeth, into adulthood. This can be a challenge during the teenage years, but it’s worthwhile! Don’t stock soda in the house as a beverage of choice. If he does drink soda, have him follow it with a glass of water. This helps rinse away plaque-inspiring sugars and enamel-weakening acid. Wait 30 min before brushing teeth and after drinking the water to allow your enamel time to rest.

What about you, foxy moms? What tips do you have for helping your kids’ smiles stay healthy? Leave a tip for fellow readers in the comments below. Do you have a question or comment for our office? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message using the contact form below, and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch.

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