BOO! 5 Halloween Tips to Avoid Scary Teeth.

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Halloween Cookies

Halloween can be great fun.  It’s a chance to get creative, and for you and your family members to don a persona you don’t wear the other days of the year. We love seeing munchkins dress up as their favorite heros, fairies, goblins, and more. We don’t love seeing them later for cavities!  Here are some tips to help you cut down on the number of dental repercussions from you or your family’s trick or treat adventures.

  1. After the initial candy rush, let kids pick out a piece of candy per day for the next two weeks to keep.
  2. Eat Halloween treats with meals or shortly after mealtime. Your mouth produces more saliva during a meal, which helps to wash away cavity-inducing bacteria.
  3. Weed out suckers and hard candy from the Halloween stash. These candies keep sugar on the teeth much longer, and are more likely to cause cavities.
  4. Offer kids an alternate event or prize in exchange for their Halloween candy, like taking them to see a fun spooky movie, or getting them a new toy.
  5. Help your kids under 8 with their teeth brushing, on a regular schedule.

Most of all, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween, with no scary surprises on your next dental visit.

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