Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours!

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Happy Thanksgiving from our office! We are all celebrating with our families today and hope that you are too! We hope that you remembered to bring your toothbrush with you to the meal. Quick tip: keep a travel kit packed with your toothbrush and some travel-size toothpaste for just this type of occasion. It’s easier to protect your teeth than to have them repaired.

Happy Throwback Thanksgiving Thursday

This Thanksgiving, we take a look back in time to the era of the Mayflower crossing. What was dentistry like in the 17th century?

  1. Dentistry was not a common profession in and of itself, rather more often practiced by barbers, general physicians, or surgeons.1
  2. If you had tooth decay, you were more likely to have your tooth extracted than filled. While there is evidence of Dental Amalgam as early as the T’ang Dynasty in China (618-907 A.D.), and in Germany by Strockerus in about 1528, it did not become a widely popular practice until the 19th century. 2
  3. Pierre Fauchard was born in this century. He was a French physician, known as the father of Modern Dentistry. Later in his career he published several texts that were responsible for shaping dentistry as a profession. His new ideas included the importance of limiting sugar, as he proposed that this was the cause for dental decay, rather than worms (popular theory at the time). Thanks, Pierre, for setting us straight!3

All in all, this Thanksgiving we are grateful to be living in the era of digital dentistry. Imagine what our forefathers would think if they knew that some day, it would be possible to get a whole dental crown created and placed in a single visit, by using CAD technology!

We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving day!

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