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Miles from Washington’s Wooden Teeth

Dentistry has come a long way from its beginnings in 1530 and even since it was established as a profession in American in the 19th Century. (Source: Modern Dentistry Wikipedia)

Specialists now exist to support dental health, and advances in dental health have created everything from improved sedation methods, same day crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening and even support of jaw and tooth related conditions such as TMJ and more.

We have more options in modern dentistry than ever before, which means managing your dental health is easier than ever. Colorado Springs residents have trusted McIntyre DDS for decades for all their modern dentistry and family dentist needs. Why?

A Customer Focus: Modern Dentistry Colorado Springs

McIntyre DDS has a customer first focus. Our priorities are based on your specific goals. Truly, modern dentistry means we have options for meeting a wide range of patient goals. If you have met a dentist with their own goals in mind, you can feel it immediately.

What are your goals with modern dentistry Colorado Springs resident?

Teeth Whitening?

Overall dental health to maintain your teeth and gums?

Are you needing tooth replacement?

Experiencing tooth pain?

Concerned about tooth, jaw, and/or mouth health?

These are all things modern dentistry looks to support you in.

Options for Better Health: Modern Dentistry Colorado Springs

Modern dentistry focuses on the customer first, and second, they provide options. More focus is being put on the long-lasting health of the patient. In the past, removal of teeth was the main practice, but in today’s modern dentistry, the focus is on creating a solution that will give enduring results.

Innovations in dental practices, including machinery that can create durable and natural dental implants that simulate real teeth, is one such example. Modern dentistry also takes into consideration the aesthetics as well as restoration.

George Washington’s wooden dentures are a thing of the past. Today, we can have teeth that are clean, healthy and if needed, replaced with products that enhance our appearance and ability to continue with our day to day life with less pain and less risk. If you are ready to stop hiding from dental health and take a proactive approach to your health, there is no need to fear.

Modern dentistry is here to provide options to help you have the dental health goals met like never before.

Peter McIntyre DDS uses modern dentistry in Colorado Springs to serve you and your family’s dental health needs. We invite you to learn more about us by giving us a call today!

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