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Meet Our Amazing Team

We have spent years building a dream team of administration, dental hygienists, and dental clinicians. We have high standards for our staff to treat patients with compassion, respect, and competence, every time. We are proud of the team we've built and we know you'll appreciate it too.

Dental Hygienists

Our hygienists have a passion for education and compassionate care. Each of them is meticulous in their work, friendly, and helpful. An essential part of a hygiene appointment is to help educate our patients on how to best care for their teeth at home. That's why we have hired staff that are excellent teachers in addition to skilled hygienists. 

Department: Hygiene

Amanda was born and raised in East Tennessee and graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2013 with a degree in Dental Hygiene. She is looking forward to serving and getting to know the wonderful community of patients here, and is very excited to be a part of such a caring team!

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Department: Hygiene

Courtney is the newest hygienist on our team, recently graduating from UT College of Dental Hygiene. Courtney loves being able to make an immediate improvement in her patients’ oral health at their dental appointments.

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Administrative Staff

We want your experience to be outstanding, from the moment you are greeted at the door to the follow-up paperwork you receive at home. We have a very friendly support team that is committed to excellence, articulate, and thorough. They do an amazing job of streamlining necessary processes to help get you settled in the chair as quickly as possible.

Department: Administrative, Hospital Dentistry, Lead Admin

Denise entered the dental field in 2015 and joined Dr. McIntyre’s team as the Hospital Coordinator in 2016. She loves being able to help our Special Needs patients get the dental care that they need and deserve in a hospital setting.

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Department: Administrative

Kara is our Office Manager. Her vision for the office is to create an environment where the administrative side of the business runs efficiently and smoothly and supports the clinical side of the business.

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Dental Clinicians

Our warm and comforting dental clinicians have a huge impact on your experience in the chair. They are adept at putting our patients at ease and anticipating your needs. Personable as well as knowledgeable, they are excellent at making your appointment enjoyable. We have assembled a team of clinicians who are very well trained, and you will find their skills drastically improve your experience in the chair.

Department: Dental Clinicians, Hospital Dentistry

Cindy has been in the healthcare field for 21 years. After spending a great deal of time working in the chiropractic and nutrition field, Cindy decided in was time for new challenges. She attended PIMA Dental Clinician School and graduated in 1995.

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Experience the Difference a Great Team Can Make

Let us show you how a great team can change your dental experience. Send us your questions and we'll get answers right back to you! We look forward to hearing from you.