Preparing for Surgery

At Briargate Advanced Family Dental, we understand that sometimes in-office sedation isn't the best option for a patient.

We currently work out of two hospital locations for sedation dentistry.  We help underserved populations with special needs, and we take the extra steps to provide options for these patients at our practice. We have been performing hospital dentistry for 30 years, and we’re experienced with the process and requirements.

From pre-registration through surgery and recovery, you can expect excellent dental and administrative care from our whole team.

Before surgery

We will walk you through the process.

If you or your loved one need dentistry in a hospital setting, we can schedule an appointment to create a care plan and set up a hospital case. If we are unable to do an in-office evaluation, we can perform the evaluation at the time of the case. Typical patients who need sedation dentistry have high anxiety, health issues or a medical diagnosis that will not allow a traditional dental setting visit.

To provide care in the hospital, we will need a completed consent packet and a physical. We will send these out to you after you are scheduled. Please contact our office if you didn't receive these documents. You can contact the hospital coordinator if you have any questions. 

After your case is scheduled, we will need a pre-op physical for yourself or your loved one, provided by your primary care provider (St Francis | McKee). The physical must be performed no more than 30-days prior to the scheduled surgery date.


Booking time in the hospital is very precise. Due to demand, hospitals are usually booked several months in advance. We recommend that you plan your visit well in advance and that we stay on a regular schedule with patients who need hospital dentistry.

After surgery

We will follow up with you the next day. Make sure that you follow carefully the post-operative instructions from each hospital for the best results from your dental surgery.

St. Francis | McKee

After your case has been completed, we will need to reschedule you for an in-office follow up.

Can I Really Relax in the Dental Chair?

Our hospital process includes a general anesthesia where you are completely unconscious. Medications are administered by a licensed MD/anesthesiologist. This out-patient process starts with a phone call and sometimes an office evaluation to determine if you are a hospital candidate.

Surgical Insurance Coverage

Sometimes a person can utilize their medical insurance and dental insurance to cover expenses for the hospital dentistry. If that is not an option for you or your loved one, we will connect you to local resources that can help fund this visit. We want you to get the treatment you need.

Interested in Hospital Dentistry? Contact our Office Today.

If you think hospital dentistry might be the right route for you or your loved one, contact us today to begin the scheduling and consultation process. We love helping people get the care they need.