Reflections on the American Revolutionary War and Dental Care

A bronze statue of Paul Revere holding up a lantern while astride his horse.

Patriot’s Day is a time of reflection on the past, celebrating the historic battles of Lexington and Concord.  This day reminds us of the battles of the American Revolutionary War. On April 19th, 1775, the midnight rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes became iconic moments in American history, as they rode towards Lexington, Massachusetts, calling out warnings that the British were coming.

Paul Revere’s signals were as the well-known quote mentions: “One, if by land, and two, if by sea”, referring to the number of lanterns that would be displayed when Britain’s route had been revealed. In the end, two lanterns were displayed briefly in the steeple to signal the British were coming by sea.

Celebrating Patriot’s Day in the Modern Era

Here at Dr. McIntyre’s office, we want to thank our modern-day service heros. Military service has come a long way since that time, but we are ever grateful. Dentistry, too has made significant advances since the late 1700’s. Did you know that during that era, the prescription for a toothache was to have it pulled?

George Washington was said to have lost all his teeth by middle age. Porcelain dentures became a common solution, but were a somewhat uncomfortable and unsightly. The dentures of the late 1700’s became easily discolored and distorted the mouth. Great measures had to be taken to restore the dentures back to the original color, and even then it was not always possible.

Celebrating Modern Dental Care

We are grateful to no longer be pulling teeth as the first option for a toothache. Modern dentures and implants have become much more comfortable and natural. In addition to these types of advanced dental services, our office provides a variety of dental care settings, from the office chair to the hospital. We can now reach a much wider population of patients than would have been possible in those days. We take pride in providing care that is both comfortable, natural, and also to a wide range of individuals, with varying needs.

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