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Expanded Functions Dental Clinician


Originally from New York, Marlene made Colorado home in 2011. After spending years as a retail manager, Marlene took time off to grow her family and support her husband's military aviation career.
In 2016, she enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College's accredited Dental Assistant Program. Graduating at the top of her class, Marlene chose to continue her education with their Expanded Functions Dental Assistant program. It was fate when Marlene was assigned Dr. McIntyre's office as her first office in her internship rotation. When offered a position to return as an employee she committed on the spot.
Integrating the newest technology and advances in modern dentistry keep Marlene excited and passionate about her chosen profession as a dental clinician. When not at work or focusing on providing the best care to her patients, Marlene can be found playing CoPilot to her husband and fueling the imagination and wonder of their two boys.