Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygienist Appointment

Although proper daily care is an essential piece of maintaining oral health, it's also important to visit your dental hygienist regularly. Even when you brush, floss, and use rinse several times a day, plaque can build up on your teeth. Just like it's helpful to do a deep spring cleaning, your mouth needs a deep and thorough cleaning twice a year.

What will my dental hygienist do at the appointment?


Your dental hygienist will help take updated x-rays to give us a better understanding of what's happening throughout your mouth. Sometimes this is just bitewing, and sometimes it might be a panoramic or full head scan. These high-tech images give us a wealth of information about your oral health. Better equipped with this information we can make better choices together. X-rays are part of an early detection system that can help us stop a problem before it is a big problem.

Periodontal Exam

Next, your dental hygienist will use a probe to gently check the health of your gums. With gentle prods we can see which areas of your gum aren't as healthy as they should be. This helps find areas where your flossing or brushing technique may not be effective. Healthy gums are essential to your oral and overall health.


With a small mirror and scaler, the hygienist removed calcified plaque and tartar from your teeth. If this is left on your teeth for a long time it can cause the enamel to wear off your teeth and leave them vulnerable to cavities.  This build-up is normal and part of the reason a regular visit to a hygienist is so essential. After they get off any hard plaque or tartar, your hygienist will use a high-speed brush to polish your teeth with a special toothpaste. This helps get small pieces left behind and makes your teeth smooth. They will finish with a thorough flossing.


After that, your dental hygienist will visually examine your teeth and check for soft spots. Soft spots can signal decay or weak enamel. They will also use your x-rays to find any spots where the x-ray shows weak enamel or decay. They will take a closer look at these teeth in your mouth to diagnose the issue.


Our hygienists take their role as educator seriously. They are happy and eager to take time during your appointment to answer any questions you have or help you understand how to brush or floss more effectively.

Other steps

Some patients are good candidates for fluoride treatment. If that's the case, your hygienist will discuss this option with you. Also, our hygiene appointments always end with a quick exam with the dentist. We like to double check our work and make sure that you are leaving our office with the best care possible.

Hygienists with the right priorities

Our dental hygienists are personable and friendly. But, more importantly, they are experienced and effective at their jobs. We have a solid hygiene team that has a passion for educating patients on better self-care. We view ourselves as partners with you in your oral health care. After all, you are the one who cares for your mouth daily and you are the one who will benefit from taking the time to care well for your mouth.

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