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Restorative dentistry is a crucial part in making sure that your smile is bright and healthy. Organically, your teeth are tools you want to preserve.  If for some reason, your teeth and smile aren’t all you want them to be, Briargate Advanced Family Dental provides restorative dentistry services for Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Our office's restorative dentistry options are:


A dental bridge is an excellent way to repair and revitalize the beauty of your smile if you have a missing tooth or missing teeth. A dental bridge accesses and uses the durability and structure of your existing teeth or dental implants. This dental bridge bridges the gap with an artificial tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is attached between your existing teeth or dental implants, creating both a stable and comfortable solution to missing teeth. You may not even know that this dental bridge it isn’t your own natural tooth!


A dental crown replaces your damaged natural tooth crown (the visible part of your tooth). This means that your natural tooth root is preserved along with giving you a beautiful dental crown to complement your surrounding teeth. A dental bridge is one alternative, though we may also suggest a dental crown or dental implants when those are a better choice.


We offer the latest dental fillings, which are made from tooth-colored resin. The metal fillings of the past actually have been known to come loose and bacteria gets underneath them. Meaning that the cavity you thought was never going to be a problem is back and needs to treated! Our dental fillings are safe and far more permanent.

Root Canal

Tooth pulp, part of the structure of your tooth, performed an important function when you had growing teeth. However, once your teeth reaches mature size, tooth pulp can sometimes get infected. Toothaches often spring from problems with tooth pulp and can be rectified by a root canal and restorative dentistry. Getting a root canal performed in time can save a tooth, so if you have a toothache don't put off a visit!

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