Our Technology

Our office offers many cutting edge technologies to create a better, more comfortable, and more efficient experience. We are constantly improving to offer you the best dental experience in Colorado Springs.

Groundbreaking CEREC Crowns in One Visit

At our office, we use CEREC machinery to complete single-visit crowns. This machinery utilizes the latest technology and the CEREC process. Along with CEREC, your dentist will use CAD technology to design the customized crown. Using a high-powered diamond bur and a disk, the CAM grinds the crown out of a solid block of ceramic material. After this process is completed, the dentist will affix the new crown to the surface of the natural tooth. Surprisingly, this entire process only takes a few hours. Check out the CEREC video overview that shows the steps you can expect when receiving a crown at our office.

Cerec Mill

Better Diagnosis With GALILEOS 3D Scans

In 2017 we installed a new state-of-the art GALILEOS CBCT Scanner. This enables us to take a detailed, 3D scan of your entire head in 14 seconds. With a more thorough scan we can see things we couldn't before like unusual root paths, bone structures, and soft tissue. Additionally, GALILEOS scans limit the patient's radiation exposure to even lower levels than before. It's all just another way that we are constantly improving our equipment and office to give you the best experience and diagnosis. 


Fillings without Pain, a Shot, or Drilling!

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to get small fillings done without getting a local anesthesia shot and it doesn't hurt! We have state-of-the-art lasers that enable us to send focused laser beams to both numb the specific area and cut in quick succession. There is no need for a shot, and your lips won't feel too big for your face when we're finished. As an added bonus, the laser makes a quieter, popping noise as opposed to the high pitched squeal of traditional dental drills. Although this treatment is not effective for every filling, we are staying at the cutting edge and hope to offer this kind of experience for all fillings as soon as the technology is developed. 

Experience Cutting Edge Dentistry

We are excited to show you what dental visits can be like with the best technology on the market. We've invested in these tools to create a better patient experience. Contact our office to experience it for yourself!